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Speech & Language Evaluations

These evaluations use books and sometimes toys to measure a child’s performance with tasks related to communication skills.  Their performance is then compared with their same-age peers.   These evaluations usually take about an hour and are designed with each individual child and parents’ concerns in mind.  In each evaluation I aim to help a child perform at his or her best so I get an accurate measure of their skills and struggles.   Professional standardized tests are selected based on the difficulties a child is experiencing and designed to help a clinician analyze the many features of language, including the following:

  • Syntax – the way a child puts words together to form sentences (for example: the length of a child’s sentences and the order of their words such as “I can have cookies?”).
  • Morphology – the individual pieces of language a child uses (for example: any grammatical markings the child uses such as plural “s, past-tense “ed,” and irregular plurals).
  • Semantics – the meaning behind the pieces of language a child uses (for example: the size of a child’s vocabulary, the child’s understanding of age-expected words).
  • Pragmatics – the way a child uses communication to engage with others (for example: using expected eye contact, keeping expected space between others, and imagining the other’s perspective).
  • Phonology – the speech sounds a child uses (for example: if the child says “tar” for car).
  • Speech Features – the other features of a child’s speech (for example: if the child is using a steady flow of speech, speaking through their nose too often, using a voice quality, using a high voice volume, or using a high voice frequency).

I include a thorough report, including recommendations for the child’s home life and classroom, with each evaluation I complete.

Contact me for more information or to schedule an evaluation.

Duration: annual 60-minute sessions.

Cost: dependent on insurance’s specialist co-payment OR $196 for self-pay.