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Speech & Language Evaluations

The first step to receiving speech and language intervention is to get an evaluation completed.  These evaluations usually take about an hour and are designed with each individual child in mind – they cover a child’s strengths and difficulties.  Professional standardized tests are selected based on the difficulties a child is experiencing and designed to help a clinician analyze the many features of language, including the following:

  • Syntax – the way a child puts words together to form sentences (for example: the length of a child’s sentences and the order of their words such as “I can have cookies?”).
  • Morphology – the individual pieces of language a child uses (for example: any grammatical markings the child uses such as plural “s, past-tense “ed,” and irregular plurals).
  • Semantics – the meaning behind the pieces of language a child uses (for example: the size of a child’s vocabulary, the child’s understanding of age-expected words).
  • Pragmatics – the way a child uses communication to engage with others (for example: using expected eye contact, keeping expected space between others, and imagining the other’s perspective).
  • Phonology – the speech sounds a child uses (for example: if the child says “tar” for car).
  • Speech Features – the other features of a child’s speech (for example: if the child is using a steady flow of speech, speaking through their nose too often, using a voice quality, using a high voice volume, or using a high voice frequency).

I include a thorough report, including recommendations for the child’s home life and classroom, with each evaluation I complete.

Contact me for more information or to schedule an evaluation.

Duration: annual 60-minute sessions.

Cost: dependent on insurance’s specialist co-payment OR $196 for self-pay.