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Therapy Plan: Mr. Pumpkin Head Soup!


I’m not huge on holiday-themed therapy plans (partially out of cultural sensitivity), but it’s difficult to resist with Halloween!

I found an idea for “Monster Stew” on Pinterest and decided to take it a step further.

Ages: as old as 12


  1. Medium-sized pumpkin
  2. Mr. Potato Head parts
  3. Towel (at least one)
  4. Sharp knife (store safely before play!)
  5. Large tupperware
  6. Water
  7. Glitter (optional)
  8. Washable Marker (optional) or washable dye
  9. Child-friendly tweezers (optional)

How to prepare:

Use the sharply-pointed knife to make holes.

Fill the tupperware with water and place the marker inside. Leave for a few hours to let the marker bleed into the water.

Add glitter and Mr. Potato Head parts to the water. I recommend placing the tupperware on the towel during use.


How to play:

Kids use the tweezers (or their hands) to get the Potato Head parts out of the “stew”. They then place the parts onto the pumpkin. I let the kids use whatever parts in whatever places – this gave me lots of language opportunities!


Example Speech & Language Targets:

  • Phonology – pinch, got one, mouth, arms, etc.
  • Receptive language – following directions, directions with propositions, pointing in response to “where” questions, etc.
  • Expressive language – bound morphemes (arms, eyes, bigger, pumpkin‘s eyes), answering questions with prepositions (“Do ears go above his arms or below?”), etc.
  • Social communication – making eye contact when requesting items or help, taking turns, pronouns (his or her eyes), etc.